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Image result for Logan's PubImage result for Logan's PubImage result for Logan's Pub

Logan's Pub - Logans pub is the beer and more favorite.

Logans pub is our favorite pick :)

to have our specials delivered hot to your Inbox every week!

- Book shows

Visit Website)
1821 Cook Street Victoria BC
V8T 3P5

Contact Info]

Upcoming Shows (2)
Past Shows (2958)

Intimate venue. Live music five nights a week; local and touring acts. Will book just about any genre, focusing on alternative/ (no top 40 or generic cover bands, please).

Mihkel Kaup
booking *at*

Image result for ross bay pub

Ross Bay Pub

We are a locally owned and operated public house in the Fairfield neighbourhood of Victoria, BC. We offer all major sporting events on the big screen including Canucks games, Keno and pull tabs. We invite you to join us and enjoy some of our craft beers or choose something to your liking from our local and international wine list.


We offer all major sporting events on the big screen including Canucks games, Keno, Texas Holdem and pull tabs.

Keno was invented some 3000 years ago by Cheung Leung, a ruler of the great Han Dynasty. The game was based on a popular poem at the time, "The Thousand Character Classic."


This poem was, and is today, a popular way for people to learn how to count, using one thousand Chinese symbols, none of them repeating itself.

Drink Specials

Labatt Blue Pints
Pipers Pale Ale Pints
5oz Peller Estates
Merlot or Chardonnay

Coors Light Pints
Stanley Park Pilsner Pints
Margaritas (1oz)

Canadian Pints
Race Rocks or Beacon IPA Pints
Jugs of Canadian

Labatt Blue Pints
Driftwood Ale Pints
Bar Well Hi-Balls

Canadian Pints
Sleeman Honey Brown Pints
Martini Madness

Labatt Blue Pints
1516 Lager Pints
$5 off any bottle
of VQA wine

Coors Light Pints
Canadian Pints
Phillips Blue Buck Pints

1516 Fairfield Road #7, Victoria, BC V8S 1G1
(250) 370-1152

Beagle Pub

301 Cook Street Victoria BC V8V 3X5 CA

 In the heart of the Cook Street Village, the Beagle Pub is the epitome of a neighbourhood pub.  Fantastic food, a wide range of beer on tap and great prices for every walk of life to enjoy.



Sun to Thurs: 11:00 to 11:00

Fri & Sat: 11:00 to midnight

daily specials
$7 Appies everyday from 2:00 'til 4:00!!!!
$5 Pints nightly after 9:00 PM !!!!


Double House Hi-Balls $6


Wing Night $7 per pound


Wino-Wednesdays: All wines, $7 per glass


Martini Night: $6.75 on select 2oz martinis


Steak Night: 8oz New York $15


Brunch 11:00 'til 2:00


Brunch 11:00 'til 2:00

Caesars single $4.75  double $6.7

Image result for the bent mast victoria

The Bent Mast


Monday - Saturday: 12pm-2am
Sunday: 12pm-12am

 Call us AT:


Founded in 1995. The Bent Mast is conveniently located in the heart of James Bay, steps away from the inner harbour. We offer a selection of preservative free, local craft beers, coupled with amazing food.


Construction began in 1884 - forty years after the first settlers arrived in Victoria.  The House was a year old when the "last spike" of the Trans Canada Railroad was pounded in and it was in existence during the second Louis Riel Rebellion.

John Chandler, an accountant for the Hudson's Bay Company, had The House built for his wife Lizzie. A year after construction was completed, the Chandler's moved out. There are differing stories as to why they moved: taunting from the small boys, stolen chickens, a small pox scare... The story which we like is that Lizzie did not like that the kitchen was in the basement at the back of The House.

Between the bar and the main dining room is an opening in the wall which exposes the old timbers of The House.  The stair-rail was brought in by steam ship from California.

The House was a brothel in subsequent years, with it being so close to the docks. And in the years leading up to its incarnation as a restaurant, The house has been a room house, the derelict, then infested with drunks and drug addicts. The upstairs of the first restaurant ( there have been four before The Bent Mast) was used as an erotic art gallery.

Jerry Seto and Kate Thomson opened The Bent Mast together in 1995. After an enigmatic fifteen years of co-ownership, Jerry passed away suddenly on December 30th, 2010. Ownership has since stayed in the family. We feel that Jerry has never really left the home that he loved, and that he still resides here,
There are supposedly at least three spirits residing in The House. A happy child who stays on the stairway and upstairs. A cranky, old man who started in the basement of The House but has since moved on to the kitchen.  He has been quite mischievous, knocking things over or hiding the odd item. He has also been spotted upstairs. The third is the most encompassing: an elderly, motherly woman who started on the stairwell and upstairs, and since spread throughout the main floor, especially the bar area. She is the one who gives The House its nurturing, compassionate and caring feeling.

Garrick's Head Pub

Image result for Garrick's Head Pub
Nestled in Victoria’s beautiful and historic Bastion Square, Garrick's Head Pub has been a local fixture since 1867, in the days when Judge Matthew Begbie presided over the local court house.

Simply put, we are one of the oldest English pubs in Canada and maintain Victoria’s largest selection of craft and import beers on tap. If you’re hungry, we offer traditional English pub fare in a bright and relaxing atmosphere. Customers are welcome to linger around our wood-burning fireplace to warm away the cool days and nights. As of 2012, our newly expanded front room offers ample space for dining and socializing and in the warmer months, our outdoor patio seating, overlooking the square, is a fantastic spot to enjoy the sun and to watch the crowds go by.

Open 11am Daily

A Fine Place for a Final Meal.

Before housing the BC Maritime Museum, the large building across from Garrick's Head in Bastion Square was Victoria's first courthouse. In those early days, Judge Matthew Baillie Begbie presided over Victoria's rowdy mining labour force as our city scraped its way into civilized existence.

Early Victoria had its fair share of murderers and so Begbie handed out a healthy portion of sentences with a noose attached to them. Despite his nickname "The Hanging Judge," and what many folk tales of early Victoria profess, Begbie was not fond of delivering death sentences.

A tower of a man (6'7!), Begbie apparently awarded those awaiting the noose with a final meal at the local watering hole, the Garrick's Head Saloon. It was commonplace for eager patrons to down a pint before heading over to the city’s gallows to watch a public hanging. There are a couple of ghosts among the pub’s regular clientele and one of these lost souls can be seen by the fireplace on chilly winter nights. According to local legend, this is the ghost of former owner Michael Powers who was mysteriously murdered early one morning over 100 years ago...

Tales of Murder in Victoria, BC.

The Garrick's Head Saloon (the pub's previous incarnation) opened on December 31, 1867 and lasted until 1914. Owner Mike Powers purchased it in 1899 after selling the Brown Jug Saloon.

"It was about 3am on Sunday morning October 1, 1899 as Mike stooped to unlatch his front gate that something struck him from behind. A towel wrapped around five pounds of sand caught Mike on the back of his neck and upon contact split open, drenching him with its dusty contents. City police later learned that Powers' attackers were two people, one possibly a woman dressed as a man. It was the male attacker who apparantly wielded the sandbag after which in a frenzy rage, he proceeded to kick Mr Powers into oblivion."

Powers died four days later at the Jubilee Hospital from a ruptured liver. The attackers were never found and brought to justice. The motive was not robbery but was suspected that a previous wife and her lover decided to demonstrate their hatred of Mr. Powers.

[From: Mike Powers Wouldn't Talk by Cecil Clark and published in the Islander Magazine, Pages 7-8, The Daily Colonist January 23, 1972.]

More Room. More Beer.

After over 125 years serving ale and food to Victoria patrons, Garrick's Head was presented with an opportunity to expand in the fall of 2012.

The space between the old pub and Government St. became available and the pub's owners decided that Victoria was ready for both more space and many more beer taps. After months of planning and licensing meetings with the City of Victoria, Garrick's Head opened its brand new Government St. doors in November of 2012. The high visibility pub front on one of Victoria's busiest streets has resulted in a lot more exposure to tourists and also craft-beer-hungry locals. The increase in size also allowed Garrick's to add draught lines, expanding their craft beer tap selection to the largest on Vancouver Island – if craft beer is your drink of choice, then Garrick's Head is a safe bet for you.

Apparently, We're Quite The Looker!

Over our 125+ years as a pub, Garrick's Head has seen many variations on our logo and style. Without a doubt, the elk head coat of arms mounted above our fireplace in the old pub is the root of all of our iconography; despite its foggy origins and backstory, this same imagery was used on the hanging tavern sign and also our windows.


Local And Proud

Victoria is the cradle of the craft beer revolution and with the quality selection of local breweries, we are proud to serve the largest selection of craft beer on Vancouver Island. We keep all our local breweries on tap and feature a wide variety of craft beer from Vancouver and across the rest of the province.

Local Breweries on Tap:

Pub manager Jay Nowak started in 1999 in the kitchen, cooking up classic Garrick’s Head burgers. He eventually moved behind the bar in 2000, pulling draft from the 10 taps that were then on hand. In those days, the pub poured a hell of a lot of Guinness and Okanagan Pale Ale.

Ever quick to support the local beer community, Garrick’s Head was the first place in Victoria that had both Phillips and Vancouver Island Brewery on tap. By 2002, Nowak had assumed managerial control of Garrick’s and was taking on all manner of quality BC craft beer.

The next decade saw craft beer boom not just across BC, but in our own backyard. All Victoria breweries have been embraced with open arms at Garrick’s Head, with Nowak and his team refining the selection and always aiming to bring simply the finest ale to Victoria patrons.

Over the years, this has often meant embracing our neighbours to the south, with Garrick’s Head being the first Victoria pub to put US breweries like Rogue and Ninkasi on tap. With 2012’s expansion, Garrick's Head anticipated Victoria’s appetite for craft beer and thus doubled the taps, eventually bumping the total number of lines to 55, with more to come!

Needless to say, Garrick’s Head Pub is ground zero for craft beer enthusiasts in Victoria; exclusive taps, one off casks and beer launch events are commonplace here. As Nowak prepares to open The Churchill – a sister location next door to Garrick’s – he is as involved as he’s ever been in Victoria's craft beer community. In 2013, he co-founded the Victoria Beer Week Society, which launched their inaugural event in March of 2014 to overwhelming success.

As the BC craft beer landscape continues to grow, pubs like Garrick's Head are vital meeting grounds for beer enthusiasts alike – simply put, if you love good quality craft beer, you need to experience Garrick’s Head Pub.

Christie's Carriage House Pub - already mentioned in Victoria Nightlife Clubs Pubs and bars part 1

Image result for Swans Brewpub
Swans Brewpub

Swans Brewpub

Experience our warm and friendly Brewpub, alive with character, heritage architecture, stunning original artwork and First Nations’ carvings. Enjoy the views from our unique sunny, glassed/open air patio, overflowing with our signature flowers in the spring and summer.


Whether you are looking for a great place for weekend breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks, you can’t go wrong at Swans. We have something for everyone!

We have live music every night and no cover charge.

Appleton Brown Ale

A luscious, malty, London style, brown ale. Dark mahogany, chocolate aroma, and a sweet finish. Join us for the old school, hand pulled version in Swans Brewpub.

5.0% Alc

Arctic Kölsch

Lighten up with this clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer. Best to cool you down on a summer’s day. Pale gold colour, fresh bread aroma. Come over to the light side, lager drinkers welcome.

4.5% Alc

Berry Ale

A kick in the pants… or skirt. This best selling beer is medium-bodied and fermented with real raspberries to create a complex and delicate brew.

7.0% Alc

Buckerfield's ESB

Inspired by the tales of grain found in the Buckerfield’s loft, this “Extra Special Bitter” is truly engrained in our history. Join us for the old school, hand pulled version in Swans Brewpub.  

5.0% Alc


If your wish is for hops, then this is your genie in a bottle. Awesome aromas of citrus, pine and fruit, finished with heaps of hoppy bitterness. 

6.8% Alc

Old Town Pilsner

Brewed in the heart of Old Town Victoria. Light gold, floral, balanced with a noble hoppy aroma and a full, soft texture. Our homage to the beers of 1903.

5.0% Alc

Pandora Pale Ale

Whether nobility or mere commoner, this ale is all its hopped up to be. We employ a hint of crystal malt accentuated by English hops, producing a light, slightly fruity and delightfully aromatic beer. Honest beer, brewed here.

4.5% Alc

Riley's Scotch Ale

Take a hops sabbatical and visit this malty beast of a brew. Dark, caramel aroma with a subtle sweet finish. Rich and delicious, begging for a steak dinner.

8.0% Alc

S.O.S. Swans Oatmeal Stout

“S.O.S. Mayday Mayday, bring the beer!” Enough flavour to go around. A luscious, full-bodied stout, with five varieties of malt and oats.  This brew just might Save our Souls.

5.4% Alc



Established in 1989, our on-site brewery is rightly proud of its award winning beers. We brew a wide selection of British-style ales and German and Canadian beers that are created with old-world care and without compromise. No syrups, sugars or "adjunct" are used in our 100 percent grain mashes—only barley and wheat malts, plus oatmeal in our special stout. All of our specialty malts are imported from the UK, as is our unique strain of yeast. The ales are naturally carbonated and left to settle or "fine" at cold temperatures, rather than being filtered. Filtration can remove much of the goodness from beer along with the haze. Another negative practice our Brewer avoids is pasteurization. Our natural and healthy brews are more lightly carbonated than the factory product, and served at a palatable 45 degrees F to bring out the fullness of the flavour for which we strive.

Meet our Brewmaster, Andrew Tessier


Swans Beers are served on tap in our award winning Brewpub. Our hearty brews are also bottled in distinctive 650 ml bottles and sold in our own Beer & Liquor Store




Swans Brewery has been awarded 31 awards to date from the Canadian Brewing Awards

(CBA) in the past 11 years including "Brewpub of the Year" on 2006.

To a full list of our awards click here.

Canoe Brewpub featured on page 1 of Victoria Nightlife Clubs Pubs & Bars

Image result for Redd's Roadhouse Pub

Redd's Roadhouse Pub

Comfort Hotel & Conference Centre
3020 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC V8T 5C7
(250) 382-7262

  • 3020 Blanshard St., Victoria, British Columbia
  • Hours
    Mon - Sat:
    11:00 am - 11:00 pm
    11:00 am - 11:00 pm
    11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Price Range
  • Cuisine
    American (New), American (Traditional), Breakfast, Brunch, Burgers, Diners, Greek and Mediterranean, Pizza, Sandwiches and Seafood
  • Parking
    Parking Lot
  • Public Transit
  • Payment Methods
    Visa, American Express and Mastercard
  • Services
    Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups, Take Out, Delivery, Catering, Waiter Service and Outdoor Seating
  • Specialities
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks
  • Phone
  • Website

    There is also a liquor store in the comfort inn

Bartholomew's English-Style Pub

Image result for Bartholomew's English-Style PubImage result for Bartholomew's English-Style PubImage result for Bartholomew's English-Style Pub
777 Douglas St
Victoria, BC V8W 2B5
(250) 686-4001

hank you for visiting Bartholomew’s Pub, in Victoria, BC.  Doors open at 11AM Monday-Saturday and 10AM on Sundays.

Bartholomew’s Pub offers a lively atmosphere in a classic English pub setting.  Serving delicious pub fare, a great selection of local craft beer on tap, wine, whiskey, cocktails and specialty coffees. We are located a block from Victoria’s Inner Harbour, on Humboldt St. at Douglas.


Please note that we will be closed temporarily from Monday July 6th to Friday July 10th, 2015.

Get your day started right with our Signature Double Seafood Caesar and a traditional English Breakfast (breakfast served until 5PM), enjoy a tasty lunch or join us for dinner! Our Menu features a wide selection of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and hearty mains.

Happy Hour runs daily from 3:30-6PM, with featured pints for $5.75 and house wine for $4.25 per glass.

Live Music Fridays & Saturdays showcasing rockin’ local bands at 9PM and Sundays featuring local acoustic sets at 6:30PM.  No cover charge.  View Music Schedule.

Music Bingo Thursdays from 7-10PM.  Test your knowledge and win great prizes.  Every winner is entered in our Grand Prize Draw!

Wing Night, Thursdays from 5-10PM, get 1 pound of wings with veggies and dip for $7.25, plus tax.

Saturday BBQ on the Patio, a great place to enjoy some fresh air, sunshine and a glass of our home-made Vitamin Water (weather permitting). Flame-grilled dinner served on the patio every Saturday from 5:30PM. More info.

Prime Rib Dinner is offered on Sundays from 5PM.  Served with prime rib au Jus, potato, Yorkshire pudding and seasonal vegetable (market price).

Daily Lunch Specials and Events updated on our Live Social Feed.

Gift Cards are available in all denominations for purchase in-house or by calling 250-686-4001.

Bart’s Pub Merchandise sponsored by Driftwood Brewery, available now! More info.

A BIG thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating our 40th Anniversary on Saturday May 30th! See the Photo Gallery on our History Page.

Learn more about the history of Bart’s Pub, a Victoria classic since 1975, and find out more about our recent renovation, on our History Page.

Download our Specials & Events PDF.

Drink Local! We are proud to offer a wide range of craft beer that is brewed right here in Victoria, home to some of the best breweries in the world.

Get to know the breweries by clicking on their logos, view our Drink Menu for the list of our local beer on tap and come in for a fresh pint!

Driftwood Brewery, Victoria BCHoyne Brewery, Victoria BCLighthouse Brewing Company, Victoria BC

Phillips Brewing Company, Victoria BC


Happy Hour runs from 3:30-6PM daily, with featured pints for $5.75 and house wine for $4.25 per glass.

Complimentary appetizer served Monday – Friday at 5PM.

Enjoy a glass of fresh home-made vitamin water, free of charge, on our patio.

Daily Lunch Specials posted on Facebook and Twitter.


    • Daily Food & Drink Features


      • Bartenders Choice Martini $7.25
      • Chef's Choice Pizza $11.00 (all day)

      • Hoyner Pilsner Sleeve $5.00
      • Fish & Chips 1pc $11.00 (all day).

      • Jackson Triggs Glass $4.50
      • Pasta Night $11.00 (5PM - close)

      • Double Highballs $7.75
      • Wing Night 1 pound, served with dipping sauce and veggies $7.25 (5 - 10PM)
      • Music Bingo (7 -  10PM)
    • FREEBIE FRIDAY - prize draws at 5:30PM


      • Calypso Cocktail (Lambs Navy Rum, Malibu, Pineapple & Grapefruit Juice) $5.75
      • Burt Reynolds Shooter $5.75
      • Crispy Dry Ribs $7.00 (2 - 6PM)
      • BBQ Dinner on the Patio $16.00 (from 5:30PM)
      • Live Music from 9PM

      • Our Signature Seafood Caesar has 2 oz. vodka, with all the fixings, garnished with prawns & a mussel $9.00
      • Sunday Brunch, featuring a Chef's Choice Omelette & a Chef's Choice Eggs Benedict $13.00 (10AM - 2PM)
      • Chili & Garlic Toast $10.00
      • Mouthwatering Prime Rib, served with prime rib au Jus, potato, Yorkshire pudding and seasonal vegetable market price (5PM-close)

      • Lucky Cans $5.25
      • Bart’s Lager Sleeves $5.25
      • Bart's Burger $11.00 (11AM - 2PM, Monday-Friday)
      • Daily Dashaway Sandwich with soup, salad or fries $11.00 (11AM - 2PM, Monday-Friday) - See today's feature.
Taxes included on alcoholic beverages only.
(Please note: we exchange US Dollars at a rate of 18%)

Our Location

777 Douglas Street, Victoria.

Find us one block from the Inner Harbour. Entrance on Humboldt Street.

Monday-Saturday: 11am - 1am
Sunday: 10am - 12am

Image result for cambie victoria

Cambie At the Esquimalt Inn Featured on page 1 of Victoria Nightlife pubs clubs and bars

Image result for Smiths Bar & Restaurant

Smiths Bar & Restaurant

Location and Contact Information

  • Address: 777 Courtenay St, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1C3, Canada
  • Location: Canada  >  British Columbia  >  Vancouver Island  >  Victoria Capital Regional District  >  Victoria
  • Phone Number: (250) 360-2544

Price and Cuisine

  • Average Prices: CAD 5 - 19
  • Cuisine: Bar, Hamburgers, Pub, Chicken Wings

Restaurant Characteristics

  • Good for: Bar Scene
Open Hours
15:00 - 1:00
11:00 - 1:00
11:00 - 1:00
11:00 - 1:00
11:00 - 1:00
11:00 - 2:00
15:00 - 2:00

Sticky Wicket Pub

Image result for Sticky Wicket PubImage result for Sticky Wicket Pub

The strathcona was featured on page 1 of Victoria Nightlife Clubs Pubs & Bars

The Sticky Wicket

Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Pub & Family Dining

Hours: 11:30 am thru 2:00 am

Good friends...great food! The Sticky Wicket is a cricket themed pub offering wonderful west coast fare. The Wicket offers an array of beverages, including a great selection of craft, domestic and international beers on tap!

The Sticky Wicket Pub is a multi-leveled Victorian era pub and restaurant that features a number of international and domestic beverages as well as superb food ranging from English pub fare, to Certified Angus Beef ® selections as well as fresh Ocean Wise seafood. Family dining is available on the Patio and in the Sticky Wicket. This venue is ideal for larger groups and special events.

Take a virtual tour

Image result for Logan's PubImage result for Logan's PubImage result for Logan's Pub

Logan's Pub

Logans pub is our favorite pick :)

to have our specials delivered hot to your Inbox every week!

- Book shows

Visit Website)
1821 Cook Street Victoria BC
V8T 3P5

[ Contact Info]

Upcoming Shows (2)
Past Shows (2958)

Intimate venue. Live music five nights a week; local and touring acts. Will book just about any genre, focusing on alternative/ (no top 40 or generic cover bands, please).

Mihkel Kaup
booking *at*
250-360-2711Venue Specs

Venue Type:
Bar / Nightclub
Capacity: 150
Sound System: Full sound system.
Stage Info: full size stage
Show Frequency: Frequently
Available to rent?: Yes
$225 minimum
Books Acts: Yes
Booking Contact Info:

Image result for the fox victoria bc

Fox Showroom Pub
Adult Entertainment Club
3366 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 3L3
Was listed on page one of Victoria Nightlife Clubs Pubs and Bars

Image result for Upper Deck Sports Lounge

Upper Deck Sports Lounge

Was listed on page 1 of Victoria Nightlife Clubs Pubs & Bars
229 Gorge Rd E
Victoria, BC V9A 1L1
(250) 383-8212

Image result for Swiftsure Restaurant & LoungeImage result for Swiftsure Restaurant & LoungeImage result for Swiftsure Restaurant & Lounge

Swiftsure Restaurant & Lounge

Great place I know the owner, If you want a meal from one of Canadas Top Chefs, relax infront of the harbour and pretend your on Vacation this is the place to go.
Great room rates too if you want to stay the night, and they have there very own liquor store behind the hotel! What more could you ask for.
Unfortunatly their website doesnt seem to be working, so I cant give you much more details.

427 Belleville St
Victoria, BC V8V 4W9
(250) 389-0839

Image result for McRae's Restaurant Ltd
McRae's Restaurant Ltd

Our Bistro

McRae's is the Original Westcoast Bistro.

Formed by 5 young individuals who had a vision for a venue that would be family friendly and comfortable, while staying true to the Westcoast. Catering to a diverse demoghraphic, McRae's menu offers a wide range of dishes. From Hamburgers, Burritos, and Fish Tacos to Fresh Salads and an all day Breakfast selection. We guarantee your experience at McRae's will leave you wanting more!

Family tradition returns to Saanich neighbourhood

New bistro seen as a gathering spot for residents and college students

Darron Kloster, Times Colonist

Published: Saturday, August 21, 2010

A family with a long history in the city's hospitality industry is turning a tired corner store property along the busy Shelbourne corridor into a smart neighbourhood bistro.

Brothers Adam and Michael Helm along with partner Cole Byers have spent months gutting and remodelling the former Tan's Market on Shelbourne Street at McRae Aveune.

They plan to open McRae's -- serving West Coast pub-style fare with local beers and wines -- sometime in the next week.

"We get tons of people stopping by asking what we're doing, when we're going to open," said Adam Helm. "We think it's a great spot and something that's really needed here."

The partners say McRae's fills a void along one of the region's busiest thoroughfares, catering not only to the neighbourhoods between Hillside mall and Shelbourne Plaza, but to students at nearby Camosun College as well as the University of Victoria.

The Helm family are no strangers to the area -- or the industry. Their father, Lyndon Helm, built Maude Hunter's Pub further up Shelbourne and later Christie's Carriage House in the Jubilee neighbourhood, where both Adam and Michael cut their teeth in the business washing dishes. Their grandfather, Albert Eudoris Helm, was the founder of the enduring Helm's Inn at the gate to Beacon Hill Park.

All three businesses remain going concerns -- some would say institutions, although the family has divested its interests. Lyndon also founded Saanich Rentals, carving off some of the property to build Maude Hunter's in 1982.

The Helms were also raised just up the street on the slope of Mount Tolmie, where the family has lived for 39 years.

"I am very proud of what the boys are doing," said Lyndon. "This is their project, their idea and I think it's a good one. They worked their up at Christie's, went and did their own things for a while and have come back full circle to do what they really know and love."

The move to food and beverage was a natural shift for the brothers. Adam, 32, and Michael, 27, had operated a u-brew business on Interurban, taking Brew Works out of receivership in 2007 and turning a profit within a few months. They sold it recently to qualify for a food primary liquor licence at McRae's, which is expected to be approved in the coming days.

They've had their eye on the property for years, and grabbed the lease when a plant nursery and cafe ended a brief stint at the site late last year.

Byers, a towering former professional hockey player and friend of the Helms, joined them as a partner after surveying the site.

"I came over here one night about midnight and just walked around and thought 'this is perfect,'" said Byers, 27, a Nipawin, Sask., native who played with the Notre Dame Hounds and Mooose Jaw Warriors before embarking on a six-year pro career -- mostly in Europe. He retired after a season with the Victoria Salmon Kings and is the cousin of long-time Boston Bruins tough guy Lyndon Byers and has a younger brother, Dane, in the New York

1652 McRae Ave, Victoria, BC V8P 1H3
(250) 590-6944


I had read the privious reviews and was skeptical but we wanted to ...


Powered by Phoca Gallery. 1652 McRae Avenue Saanich, BC ...


July 2015, August 2015. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ...